East New York

Welcome to East New York

East New York is a lovely residential neighborhood in the eastern section of Brooklyn. The neightborhood falls between Jamaica Avenue to the north and Jamaica Bay to the south. It’s bordered to the west by Van Sinderen and Williams avenues and to the east by Eldert Lane and down 78th Street. Along with the new Cypress Hills Pitkin Verde Farmers Market running through November on Pitkin Avenue, the neighborhood is also home to reNew Lots, an artist incubator and marketplace with food and goods from 10 local entrepreneurs. Locals congregate at spots like Grant Caffe on Liberty Avenue, where they have breakfast and coffee before jumping on the A train. In the evenings, they grab Chinese food or pop in for a bite at Tavares restaurant on Cleveland Street, Carro Café on Fulton Street or Lindenwood Diner on Linden Boulevard.


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